This old, old website, has extraordinary resources for teachers and allows educators to create, share, and borrow quizzes on a variety of high school mathematics topics! The site seems excellent for assessing instrumental understanding of operations and concepts, and can be used effectively to develop deeper understanding. #miched Leader Tara Maynard highly recommends this site. She uses it in her classroom for quick checks so that she can get a gauge on student understanding of key topics in her algebra classes.
I really like the site personally because it has so many topics it covers, and allows you to borrow from other teachers and adapt their quizzes to fit your class.

This website where teachers can ask questions and get quick responses is great for getting a snapshot of student understanding. The site works well if you have access to computers or ipads in your classroom. The site allows you to show our hide names of students when displaying them to the class to show the array of student questions.


The exciting quiz game can be a good activity to add some excitement to your classroom. Kahoot has a lot of flexibility to create questions that causes students to challenge their instrumental or relational understanding. The main down side to kahoot is that it is a speed based quiz game, so slower students could potentially become very discouraged because the game does display scores between questions which are based on a combination of accuracy and speed.
I think that Kahoot makes an excellent review quiz game to see how well students have mastered a topic and to challenge students. I do not recommend using it often as the slower students are penalized to an extent. The teacher needs to clarify that the activity is for practice, and the score is not the only point of the activity.

Extra Possible sites
Math Fights
I do not know a ton about this site, but it looks like a lot of fun for a review activity or to get students excited about a topic. It is another game which incorporates speed and accuracy in problem solving. You create a super hero, then fight by answering math questions. Seems like a good one to mix in to bring students some excitement as a break.

Math IQ site
This site has end of the year online review assessments for Algebra and Algebra II, and more that are based off of 2011 New York State Education Tests. These tests seem great for an end of the year review in preparation for a final exam, or as a possible review of the previous years material to have students complete before classes to gauge where they are at with prior material. These quizzes are very instrumental in nature, but hit at the basic operations, and allow us to build on students prior knowledge as educators as we strive to build students relational understanding.