MathWikiTitle.pngClass project
  • Current Winter 15 expectations
  • As we progress we will also cooperatively develop the rubric for evaluating your work here.
  • Groups: working groups should consist of 3 or 4 people. Include your names as authors on your group's page.
  • Content area: a group can claim a new content area by starting a new page. Suitable new areas include: Topics from the Statistics section, Number and Quantity, Inequalities in Algebra, and Modeling sections of the Common Core Curriculum. Common Core State Standards
  • The Modeling Standard can be completed by incorporating a specific modeling standard denoted by a star in the common core standards. Then link your page to the appropriate Common Core Topic Section and the Modeling Section.
  • Example Modeling Geometry project done by one student; would want to expand for groups with more resources.
  • You will be responsible for editing, revision and expansion for these areas.
  • The focus of your projects should be to find activities, lesson ideas, and games that can be used to help students gain understanding in a specific content area rather than focusing on including a bunch of examples of how to do that type of problem focus on finding resources and explaining why they are useful for teaching! Resources that cause students to develop relational understanding are preferred over resources that account for further instrumental understanding( Relational vs. Instrumental Understanding). Relational resources connect mathematics to real world contexts and allow students to see when they would use math in their lifetime or when someone else could use mathematics.
  • Other topics: if there is a high school math topic you would like that is not listed, feel free to solicit it. The high school section of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are the best resource for finding another topic.

Possible content
  • Links to online resources,
  • lesson plans you've developed and/or adapted,
  • references to high school curricula,
  • ideas for Geogebra, Wolfram|Alpha or other technology use,
  • reviews of relevant articles from journals,
  • WCYDWT(What Can You Do With This) content,
  • images, videos, etc.
  • Pages should include the relevant Common Core standards for your content area.

NOTE: Please respect copyright. No cut and paste from other sources. This is the web, so you can link, quote, etc.; provide references. If hotlinking a picture, it should be from a site you have permission from, or has blanket reuse, and the source should be cited. In other words, standard plagiarism rules apply. Have questions, just ask.

Photo credit: Trevor D. @ Flickr