The purpose of this page is to display a compilation of math teaching blogs which provide many resources, and clear thoughts on the state of education and what they are learning in their classroom to encourage current teachers and inspire future mathematics teachers. The page is not meant to be based on popularity, but rather on an array of thoughts from a number of teachers with insights on how to expand student mathematical thinking and promote engagement in the classroom! These teachers want to grow and become more effective, and help other mathematics teachers become more effective as well!

Blogs with Great Teaching Resources-

Every day Teaching Focused Blogs
ThinkThankThunk Blog
Shawn Cornally's Blog provides some comedic relief along with thoughts from the perspective of a physics and calculus teacher on all aspects of the teaching process and how to avoid being boring to students.

Functions of Time Blog
By Kate Nowak this blog has a lot of punch and great thoughts on learning and mathematics.

MissCalcul8 Blog
An excellent blog that discusses teaching at the high school level in mathematics through a unique lens.

Reflections of a High School Math Teacher
This mathematics teacher from Illinois has many intriguing post, one of the one's I found to be the best was about his journey for a day shadowing one of his students and his thoughts on what he learned through the process.

Webmaths Blog
This Australian Math teacher brings lots of ideas to the table on how to create life long learners, and help students to become engaged in class.

Point of Inflection Blog
This blog has many thoughts focused on finding activities that really bring to life mathematical concepts. His goal is to create contexts for tough teaching topics like the binomial theorem.

Drawing on Math's Blog
He has excellent thoughts on teaching high school mathematics from Algebra to Calculus.
The mathematical teaching thoughts of a retired math teacher! These are key even in an ever changing teaching culture!

Activity Focused Blogs
Professor Golden's Blog
Professor Golden of GVSU posts many amazing activities! His blog is intriguing and he has many awesome ideas on Geogebra and other educational resources.

Mr. L's Math Blog
This mathematics teacher includes many useful resources and activities for mathematics teachers to use in their classrooms.

Would You Rather Math Blog
The epicness of this blog is in its simplicity! Would you rather questions that promote problem solving in mathematics and challenge students in real world contexts!

MathyMcpherson's Blog
This Blog has an excellent resources for new teachers page that would be very helpful for any preservice mathematics teacher. He is a professor at the University of Arizona and has some awesome ideas.

Mike's Math Blog
This blog has a number of activities for algebra and geometry with a focus on student exploration at home.

Theory Focused Blogs
Continuous Everywhere, but Differentiable Nowhere
Sam Shah a math teacher out of New York who provides his thoughts on an exploratory math project and a number of other activities that he has carried out in class, as well as posts on a day in the life of a teacher!

Math Teacher Mambo
This blogger has a number of useful thoughts on difficult teaching topics and the math behind them like inverse trig graphing, precalculus series, and a number of other challenging topics.

Math With Bad Drawings Blog
This fun blog incorporates stick figure drawings in communicating how to more effectively teach mathematics.

Dy/Dx Blog
Dan Meyer's Blog has a variety of ideas that make mathematics more interactive for students and can greatly increase engagement in your classroom.

Delta Scape Blog
This blog by Dave Coffey discusses his ideas on attempting to change the educational landscape to help students grow!

Math=Love Blog
This blog has become very popular because of its title, but beyond that it is excellent because the author who teaches in Oklahoma carries out lessons and activities in her classes and shares how they turned out! She teaches in a little town, but has some inspiring and fun mathematical teaching ideas that develop relational understanding.

Keith Devlin's Blog
He is a mathematician at Stanford and it is fascinating and a throw back to college to hear his thoughts on elements of mathematics like proofs.

Pat's Math Blog
Pat is a retired math teacher and he has many blogs on the theory behind mathematical concepts as well as math history.
Teaching Pages
Patrick Honner's Page
He has so many different interesting pages, one of which is on why writing in math class is important

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