If you discover something about how to find good resources or tips on how to do something neat for your page, please feel free to add them here.
Help with Editing a Wiki Page
You can make links within your page by adding anchors.
  1. Click in a spot you would like to be able to jump to. Don't highlight a word, just have the cursor placed at the top of where you would like to link.
  2. Click the link button in the editor.
  3. Select anchor.
  4. Type an easy to remember name for that section. Easiest as one word or abbreviation. Hit Add Link and an anchor will appear at that point.
  5. Go to where you would like to put the link, and type the linking text. Highlight that text, and click the Link button again.
  6. Under page name, select your page or the page to which you want to link.
  7. Click link to anchor, and enter the name of the section you picked at step 4. Hit Add Link.

Note you can also add anchors to other groups pages to link to from your page.
See examples of this on the Rational Functions page.

From the front page:

You can add in a desmos page by simply linking the webpage to a page on the wiki.

You can add an interactive Geogebra sketch to a page, but now with GeoGebraTube it's probably better to host it there and upload a screenshot or animated gif here. See this page for the method.

Graphs generated in Wolfram|Alpha can be saved and uploaded.

Jing is a free screen capture program that you can use to clip and save images from your computer. I also like Skitch for Mac, coming to PC.

Scribd or Box or Dropbox
The easiest ways to share documents on the web with a general audience are these three services. scribd.com and box let you embed the file, box and dropbox let you link to the file for download.

Google Docs
Publish as a webpage for a link or embed directly onto your wiki page. See eduwiki for a guide to embedding.