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The free math teaching resources database that GVSU Math Teaching Students edit.

The wiki exists to provide High School Mathematics Teachers with resources for developing relational understanding through activities, lessons, and games for the common core mathematics standards.

This is a wiki where pre-service teachers from Grand Valley State University gather teaching resources- activities, lessons, games, suggestions and research for high school mathematics topics.

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Navigating the Site
The Major Sections of the Common Core Curriculum are each divided into separate tabs at the left. Under these tabs there are further sections with teaching resources for specific domains and standards of the Common Core Mathematics Standards.

Adding a PageGo to the pages section, click add new page. Then you can make your page, with links, videos, images, and tables that can be added using the icons at the top on the editing page menu. As you make your page you can save it and come back to it by hitting the save button on the menu. It will be stored in the pages and Files section as a Page.
Linking your Page into the Wiki
  1. Copy the URL of the page that you have created
  2. Click the appropriate link on the sidebar of the Common Core Section that best fits your page.
  3. Click the Edit button on the page
  4. Add the Name of your page into the List of pages Linked to the Section.
  5. Highlight the name of your page and click the link button
  6. Paste the URL of the page you created into the Web Address Section of the Insert Link page.
  7. Save the Common Core Section Page

If you have trouble linking your page into the wiki once it is complete, e-mail forsterk@mail.gvsu.edu or

Need Help?

If you are a MTH 229 student the project requirements can be found in the MTH 229 Project Home Tab.

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