Luke Wilcox's Story
Luke Wilcox is a teacher in West Michigan that has had extraordinary success teaching AP Statistics! He had 98% of his students pass the AP Statistics exam in 2012 that is over forty percent higher than the national average.
Sarah Hagan Math=Love Story
Sarah Hagan is a teacher out in Oklahoma. In just four years her she has become a major contributor to math education in the United States.
Steve Leinwand Inspiring Speech
Steve Leinwand delivers an exciting talk that lasts a mere five minutes and covers the essential practices of excellent teaching based on research and what students are saying. His high octane speaking style is refreshing and unique, and will inspire you as a teacher!
Inspirational Teacher's Stories Compilation
This website has a number of great stories that can remind us as educators some of the values in a great teacher!
Math is Forever
Eduardo Saenz de Cabezon speaks on the ultimate question: why is mathematics important for students to learn? He has inspiring passion and provides an answer that is intriguing and excellent!

"In mathematics the art of proposing a question must be held of higher value than solving it.
George Cantor