History of Geometry

Just a little bit about how geometry came to be.
Some of the crediters to Geometry include Greek thinkers like, Thales, Pythagoras, Plato,Theatetus, Eudoxus, Menaechmus, Euclid, Archimedes, Apollimus, and Hypatia.
These are the great Greek thinkers that helped to develop and create Geometry into how we know it to be.

  • Thales and Pythagoras: These Gentlemen share disputed credit for the fundamental theorems of Geometry things like the right angle and semicircle. And of course Pythagoras is credited with the Pythagorean Theorem that we use today.
  • Plato: This man would come to many different realizations throughout his life time but he made no major contributions to geometry with the exception of his need for proof. Paving the way for Euclid later on his need to prove things and make things, make sense would only challenge the later thinkers more and as a result make greater the value of geometry.
  • Theatetus: A former student of Plato's was the first person to develop a thinking and reasoning on solid figures. Leading him to construct the five regular solids.
  • Eudoxus: It was him who would be credited for the development of proportion. His developments would in hundreds of years would lead to our modern Calculus but in the mean time would add to the understanding forming of geometry. He would contribute to the idea of areas and volumes of circles and cones.
  • Menaechmus: He was the first to discover the creation of hyperbolas, ellipses, and parabolas. That they can be a cone cut in a plane not parallel to the base.
  • Euclid: His contribution to geometry was in his books. He collected the thoughts, theories, and conclusions of his predecessors and wrote a book connecting and forming new conclusions from them as a result.
  • Archimedes: He worked to develop a theory on how to calculate the volume of a cylinder in relation to a sphere. Also he was able to nearly approximate pi and the square roots.
  • Apollimus: He was even better at computing the value of pi and he worked with the centering of curvature along with hyperbolas, parabolas, and ellipses. Because of his works he would come to be known as the "Great Geometer."
  • Hypatia: She was the first woman to make any substantial contribution to mathematics. She would write about the developments of her male predecessors along side her father. In her time it was radical for a woman to be so well educated in Philosophy and Mathematics. Still through her contributions she would alter geometry and mathematics as a whole.